Ausgwählte Songtexte (weil ja sonst nie jemand was versteht) aus unserer Feder


(Text: Hagrid)

I wonder if there’s more for me,
But all doubts are drown in apathy.
These open wounds inside of me…
I know a way to make them cease.

I set the needle to my skin
And ask my demons to come in
And my friend, I feel no pain,
As you’re rushing through my veins.

I wonder if my life’s a dream
And if they’ll ever set me free.
But in those times I feel the pain,
For all the struggle being in vain.

I set the needle to my skin
And ask my demons to come in
And my friends, they say I glaze,
All the junk, I see, I hate.

All the junk, I see, I hate (8x)

I set the needle to my skin
And ask my demons to come in
And my friend, I want, I need
All the smack and all the speed.

‚Coz you needlework my skin
‚Coz you needlework my skin


March of the prey

(Text: Carsten)

Verse I

I kill whoever’s in my way
Come join the march of the prey
Vegetating in ignorance
Your weakness is the consequence
Look at you now, all alone
Nothing more than flesh and bone
The stench of fear is in the air
Another victim – I don’t care


Murder is my daily business
My remorse long dead and gone
There’s never been a single witness
Still there’s always more to come
What began as my great wrath
Is now sheer blood lust on the loose
With knive and gun I walk my path –
It’s either that or death to choose.

Verse II

Boldness has led you astray
You’ve joined the march of the prey
Your pleading is a waste of time
Can you hear your death bells chime?
Now, the first cut, feel the steel
All these wounds shall never heal
Physical or in my head…
It is equal – we’re both dead!



Ruefulness and disbelief –
No more shall you constrain me
Merciless and misanthropic –
Is what life has made me be
Kneel before me, say your prayers
Soon you’ll lie there to decay
One component of the endless…
March of the Prey!
March of the Prey!
March of the Prey!
March of the Prey!

Verse III

Thus begins another day
No halt for the march of the prey
The hunt goes on, no end in sight
I‘m prepared for my next fight
Blades are sharpened, barrels cleaned
None of you shall be redeemed
I set out for one more crime
So much to do, so little time




(Text: Carsten)

Verse I

En liten flicka som bodde med sina föraldrar vid en skog
Hon hade alltid på sig en röd mössa – daför kallades hon Rödluvan –
En dag skulle Rödluvan gå och hälsa på sin mormor som var sjuk
På vägen dit mötte hon en stor varg


Vargen gick in i stugan och att upp Rödluvans mormor (4x)

Verse 2
Vargen frågade vart hon skulle gå
Rödluvan berättade att hon skulle gå till sin mormor
Vargen skynadade sig därifrån
För att komma före Rödluvan till hennes mormor


Verse 3

„Varför har du så stora ögon, mormor?“
„Det är för att jag ska kunna se dig bättre!“

„Men mormor, vaför har du så stora öron?“
“Det är för att jag ska kunna höra dig bättre!“

„Ja, men varför har du så stor mun?“


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